The National Electronic Visit Verification Association (NEVVA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving as the single source for Electronic Visit Verification industry-related information for states, managed care organizations and providers. NEVVA provides expertise, news and information, advocacy and support to all of these constituents, enabling them to continuously deliver the highest quality of care possible to those who depend on it.

National EVV Association

Our Partners

For Vendors

Our EVV Vendor partners provide a unique opportunity to provide insight into the technology and systems advancements being made to improve the EVV industry.

For States

NEVVA is positioned to bring together people across the country through our State representatives.

Our members are State leaders, industry experts, and advocates all with the same mission: to offer the greatest support to individuals in need by ensuring they receive the highest quality of care.


“On behalf of the National Electronic Visit Verification Association, thank you for partnering with us to strengthen our industry and association to better the lives of individuals receiving care. Through these partnerships, we provide evidence-based resources and share innovative, market-leading solutions and health policies to advance us toward our common goal and our mission: States working together to protect our most vulnerable imprints, our core values of trust, transparency, and commitment to each other and those we serve. I am honored to serve along with you!”

David Ward

NEVVA Chairman

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